Limited Introductory Membership Fees 


  • Adults
    • age 19-44$59/mo
    • age 45-64$69/mo
    • age 65 and older$79/mo
  • Dependents (with one paid parent)  
    • age 0-25 $39/mo (3 or more $117/mo)


  • Adults
    • age 20-44$69/mo
    • age 45-64$79/mo
    • age 65 and older$89/mo
  • Dependents (with one paid parent)     
    • age 0-25 $19/mo (3 or more $57/mo)


  • Adults
    • age 20-44$119/mo
    • age 45-64$129/mo
    • age 65 and older$139/mo
  • Dependents (with one paid parent) 
    • age 0-25 $59/mo (3 or more $177/mo)

These prices are based on an annual 12 month contract and may be paid by recurring credit card charge on monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. Payments can also be paid by check, either by automatic check withdrawal or one time annual payment. If entire year is paid in full a 5% discount will be applied.

Refund Policy:

If Member terminates this Agreement for any reason prior to the expiration of the first Contract Year, then Member shall be responsible for reimbursing CapstoneMD for all actual costs and expenses incurred by CapstoneMD as a result of providing the Services to Patient under this Agreement.