About Us

CapstoneMD is the product of nearly two years of research and planning by local family physicians who enjoy problem solving, treating the ill, and protecting the well. Most of all, we are a group of physicians who value a partnership with our patients and cutting down on the paperwork as well as any other barriers to health care. Our patients usually take a serious interest in their own health, and we partner with them to help achieve their best overall health. We are deeply honored by their trust.

Regrettably, the bureaucracy of health care has interfered more and more with those relationships.  In response, we have constructed a unique program of wellness, prevention and easy access for a limited number of patients and businesses who want more than the status quo when it comes to their health.

Our goal is to reduce the rising cost and complexities of your health care by focusing more aggressively on disease prevention, wellness and cost containment. We hope you'll join us...our commitment to you is a healthy return on your investment!